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Parent Volunteer Information

Parent Involvement

It is our belief at HUSD that parental support and involvement in a child’s education is an essential element for improving academic achievement. Studies have shown that parental direction, interest, and participation in the student’s educational development affect performance, attitudes, and school success. We at school site recognize that we can provide many opportunities for learning, but the crucial element that is needed is assistance from parents and families. There is no replacement for support, encouragement, approval and love that parents can give to their children.

Guidelines for School Volunteers (Adult)

  • Volunteers must be approved by the school board after filling out a volunteer form.
  • Volunteers must adhere to the school site Dress Code.
  • Volunteers must sign in and out in the front office.
  • After signing in, volunteers will receive a visitor’s pass that must be visibly worn while on campus.
  • We ask that volunteers leave “non-student” children at home. It can create too many distractions in the classroom.

    Guidelines for Student Volunteers (Students/Minors)

  • All student volunteers must sign in and out at the front office.
  • All student volunteers must have a completed and approved volunteer form.
  • All student volunteers must have a pre-arranged and supervised place to work and eat.
  • Staff children must be under direct supervision of their parent or an identified staff member at all times, including before and after school.
  • Parents will be notified on an individual basis if their child (student volunteer) is disruptive or engages in behavior that is detrimental to the normal functioning of the school.
  • If complaints or problems regarding a student volunteer are not resolved, the privilege of volunteering may be revoked at the discretion of an administrator.
  • Student volunteers must adhere to the school site Dress Code.
  • The request to volunteer must be initiated by staff members, not by student volunteers. Student volunteers will be utilized based on the needs of the school.
  • Children of staff members must not interfere with the staff member’s duties and responsibilities.
  • The staff lounge is off-limits to students of all ages during the hours of 7:00 – 3:00.

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