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New for the 2017/2018 School Year!

Elementary school students can charge up to $16.50 on their student accounts. Middle and high school students are allowed to charge up to $13 on their student accounts. Once students have reached their charge limit, they will be offered an alternate meal until their balance is below the charge limit. Parents and guardians will be notified monthly via phone and/or mail regarding their student’s unpaid meal balance.


Blocks on Student Meal Accounts
If a parent or guardian wishes to prevent their student from charging on their student meal account, the parent/guardian may request in writing or via email that a block be placed on a student’s meal account. This block can prohibit purchasing a meal or limit the student to paying cash for meals. The parent or guardian may remove this block at any time in writing or via email and requesting its removal. Emails may be sent to nutrition.services@hesperiausd.org. Please include Student Name, School, and Student ID#.

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