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Educational Services

The mission of Educational Services is to provide leadership and support for site administrative teams to increase student learning and achievement.


Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

School Snapshot Reports

Elementary Education

Festival of the Arts
Young Authors

Secondary Education

Academic Counseling
Secondary Course of Study

K-12 Programs

Instructional Technology
Libraries & Textbooks

Language Support Services

English Learner Instruction
EL Testing & Monitoring
ELD Standards

Special Services

Special Education
Section 504
Health Services

Family Resource and Parent Center

The Caring Closet
Workshops & Parent Education
Parent Resources

School Accountability Report Cards


Title I and Categorical

District Advisory Committee
Elementary Education & Categorical Programs/Extracurricular

Staff Resources

Professional Development
Teacher Coaches
Instructional Technology

Grant Writer & Outreach and Site Support


Student Services

District Forms
Student Discipline
Homeless & Foster Youth
Uniform Compliant
Williams Compliance
Title IX

Title Name Contact
Assistant Superintendent Jovy Yankaskas (760) 244-4411 ext. 7207
Secretary for Ms. Yankaskas Brenda Hawk (760) 244-4411 ext. 7207
Director, Elementary Education and Categorical Programs Valerie Turpen (760) 244-4411
Secretary for Ms. Turpen Andrea Suggs (760) 244-4411
Coordinator, Professional Development Jodi Consten (760) 244-4411 ext. 7252
Secretary for Ms. Consten Erica Ketcheside (760) 244-4411 ext. 7252
Director, K-12 Programs and Projects Darrel Nickolaisen (760) 244-4411
Secretary for Mr. Nickolaisen Anne Franz (760) 244-4411 ext. 7263
Director, Secondary Education, Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment Michelle Estrada (760) 244-4411 ext. 7242
Secretary for Ms. Estrada Marie Lindbloom (760) 244-4411 ext. 7242
Director, Student Services Tom Loomis (760) 244-4411 ext. 7316
Secretary for Mr. Loomis Windy Ferren (760) 244-4411 ext. 7316
Director, Special Services Matthew Fedders (760) 244-4411 ext. 7209
Secretary for Mr. Fedders Myra Sanders (760) 244-4411 ext. 7209
Coordinator, Pre-K – 6 Special Services Teri McCollum (760) 244-4411 ext 7386
Coordinator, 7 – 12 Special Services Elaine Nelson (760) 244-4411 ext 7386
Secretary for Special Services Donna Gair (760) 244-4411 ext 7386
Grant Writer, Outreach and Site Support Cindy Costa (760) 244-4411
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