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Welcome to our Hesperia Jr. High Resource Center.

Here you will find many resources that can be used in school and at home.

Please do your part to make this resource useful and email us to recommend resources that should be added or deleted.


This part of our website includes learning tools for students, teachers, and parents. You will also find resources for community service, college, and career research:



Learning Tools for School Students

All the online resources you need for success in Grades 7 - 8, including individual learning resources, research links, links to your interactive tutorials and more.


Learning Tools for Teachers

The Learning Tools for Teachers page contains featured resources a comprehensive listing of great online resources organized by subject area.


Learning Tools for Parents

Parents play a critical role in the education of our children and we provide numerous tools for you to help in that process. You'll find links for, homework help, and information to help your family prepare for college and careers.


Community, College, and Careers !

Hesperia Jr. High is a School of College and Career Pathways. An integral part of which is Community Service. Visit this link and find information on all three.


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