Educational Services

The mission of Educational Services is to provide leadership and support for site administrative teams to increase student learning and achievement.

Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

School Snapshot Reports

K-12 Programs

Instructional Technology
Libraries & Textbooks

Special Services

Special Services
Homebound Hospital
Health Services

Language Support Services

English Learner Instruction
EL Testing & Monitoring
ELD Standards

Secondary Education

Academic Counseling
Secondary Course of Study

Staff Resources

Professional Development
Teacher Coaches
Instructional Technology

Family Resource and Parent Center

The Caring Closet
Workshops & Parent Education
Parent Resources

Program Improvement

Public School Choice
Supplemental Educational Services

Special Education

Special Education

Title I and Categorical

District Advisory Committee
Elementary Education & Categorical Programs/Extracurricular


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  • Title Name Contact
    Assistant Superintendent Jovy Yankaskas (760) 244-4411 ext. 7207
    Secretary for Ms. Yankaskas Brenda Hawk (760) 244-4411 ext. 7207
    Director, Elementary Education and Categorical Programs Valerie Turpen (760) 244-4411
    Secretary for Ms. Turpen Andrea Suggs (760) 244-4411
    Coordinator, Professional Development Jodi Consten (760) 244-4411 ext. 7252
    Secretary for Ms. Consten Marie Lindbloom (760) 244-4411 ext. 7252
    Director, K-12 Programs and Projects Darrel Nickolaisen (760) 244-4411
    Secretary for Mr. Nickolaisen Anne Franz (760) 244-4411 ext. 7263
    Director, Secondary Education, Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment Robert McCollum (760) 244-4411
    Secretary for Mr. McCollum Erica Ketcheside (760) 244-4411 ext. 7242
    Director, Student Services Tom Loomis (760) 244-4411
    Secretary for Mr. Loomis Windy Ferren (760) 244-4411 ext. 7316
    Director, Special Services Matthew Fedders (760) 244-4411 ext. 7209
    Secretary for Mr. Fedders Sheryl Clark (760) 244-4411 ext. 7209
    Coordinator, Pre-K – 6 Special Services Teri McCollum (760) 244-4411 ext 7386
    Coordinator, 7 – 12 Special Services Elaine Nelson (760) 244-4411 ext 7386
    Secretary for Special Services Merry Bayles (760) 244-4411 ext 7386
    Grant Writer, Outreach and Site Support Cindy Costa (760) 244-4411
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